Find the right medication for you, sooner.

When you are suffering from a medical condition, you need to find an effective treatment, quickly. But getting the results you need can be a lengthy process, since your healthcare provider may need to prescribe different medications to find the one that works best for you.

Now there is a way to use your genetic information to predict how you might respond to certain medications before you take them. This can help reduce the time it takes to find an effective medication, and help you feel better, sooner.

How does the Informed PGx™ test work?

Just as our genes influence our eye color and our height, they also influence our response to many commonly prescribed medications. By looking at specific genes, it is possible to predict the body’s ability to metabolize and/or respond to certain medications. The Informed PGx™ test can help your clinician to:

  • Focus on medications that you can metabolize more effectively
  • Rule out medications that may result in an adverse reaction
  • Adjust your dose to achieve the optimal therapeutic level

How is the test performed?

Using a blood sample, mouthwash sample or cheek swab, your DNA will be extracted and tested to determine your personal genetic profile.

What types of medications can be tested?

Currently, Informed PGx can report on many medications used to treat depression and ADHD.

What will the results tell me?

Informed PGx provides you and your healthcare provider with results about key genes that influence your body’s ability to metabolize medications. This information is then used to organize the tested medications into one of three categories:

Category Legend

For certain medications, the report can help your healthcare provider determine whether you may benefit from a higher or lower dose, based on your body’s genetic response.

Although this test can help rule out medications that may cause problems for you, and aid your provider in determining your optimal dose, it doesn’t guarantee that a medication will be effective for you. All medications have side effects. You may still experience side effects or adverse reactions to medication, regardless of your genetic testing results.

Ask your healthcare provider if Informed PGx is right for you.